An Update For Those Who Care…

It turns out that I haven’t posted anything for over 2 and a half months! This isn’t because I’m not enjoying myself, its mainly because I found a job in the Netherlands and it seemed like a good a place as any to stop for a while and save some money. I flew to Amsterdam from Venice and caught a train to Den Haag, to meet up with Naomi and Jesper, the guys I spent a while travelling through Vietnam with back in November. They invited me to stay with them for a month to help me find a job, otherwise it would have been the end of my travels because my funds were running low. 

Scheveningen is a lovely little town, with a harbour, a huge beach lined with beach bars and restaurants during the summer season and it is situated only a 20 minute tram ride from the centre of The Hague. It was in one of the beach bars that I managed to secure a job, not as a barman or a waiter, but as the Nightswatch, working from 23:30-07:30 four nights a week making sure nobody enters the area when its closed, doing some cleaning and keeping my eye our for any fires or potential fire risks. It turns out this is the main thing the manager’s are worried about, they have so many gas fires alight during the day, people coming down and cooking barbeques on the wooden terraces and candles on every table. The whole place is made of wood and the risk of fire is high. This is in fact the easiest job I have ever had in my life, working 8 hours a night but spending 6 of them watching Netflix, needless to say I have seen a fair few TV series now! I’m earning pretty much the same amount as I did as a Team Leader at Tesco, the staff are all really nice and it is working really well for me at the moment. I get back at 8am, sleep for a few hours and then head down to the beach to sunbathe/sleep for the afternoon. The sun rises at 04:30 and sets around 23:00 so I still get plenty of daylight, the main thing people miss when working nights. 

After a month with Naomi and Jesper I needed to move out and find somewhere to live, I’m incredibly grateful for what they did for me but they needed their own space back. I managed to get a long term deal at the only hostel in Scheveningen, Jorplace Beach Hostel. The price is normally around €25 a night, depending on which room and which days you stay, but I managed to swing a deal for €320 a month, a little over €10 a night. This was a lot cheaper then any flat/shared apartment I could find in Scheveningen. There are places available in the city centre for around €400 but I didn’t want to commute that far everyday. The hostel life works well for me. They have a kitchen, a bar and I often get given left over BBQ when the paying guests don’t eat it all. I’ve been very lucky with my roommate’s, they are all really nice and understand that I need to sleep during the day. 

So that sums up my last 2 months in Holland. I’m staying here until at least July 31st but after that things get a bit complicated. I will need to register an address with the government in order to be able to stay legally after 4 months, but the government don’t consider the hostel as a valid address. I’ve got a bit of thinking to do about what is the best option for me, but right now I’m having a good time, and saving money as well! Hopefully my next post will be within 2 months, but we shall see. 

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