Arriving in Myanmar

I had every intention of continuing over land from Bangkok to Myanamar. I did some research and worked out I would have to catch a couple of buses, the trip would take 24 hours and cost me around £35. I also had a look on skyscanner and a flight from Bangkok to Yangon, in the south of Myanamar cost £29 and took an hour and fifteen minutes. This was a no brainer really. In the end the flight cost me £45 because I booked it last minute, as I had to wait until my Myanmar visa was confirmed. The flight was out of Don Muang Airport, leaving at 16:00.
Most people who fly in and out of Bangkok do so via Suvarnabhumi Airport, which has great transport connections to and from the city via the Airport Rail Link. However Dong Muang Airport doesn’t have this luxury. To get to Don Muang Airport catch the BTS Skytrain to Mo Chit Station at the end of the Sukhumvit Line. Leave via Exit 3 and you will see the bus stop at the bottom of the stairs with a sign saying A1 Bus, Don Muang Airport. There will probably be a line of people with suitcases as well. The bus departs every 20 minutes, costs 30 Bhat (£0.70) and takes around 20 minutes, longer during rush hour. It stops right outside terminal 1, where we darted inside ready for our flight to Yangon. Leaving Bangkok, and upon arrival in Yangon there was not an issue with my diabetes insulin, needles and injections.
On the plane we were given an arrival card to fill out and a customs declaration card. Getting through customs did not take too long, the customs staff are slower than most airports as they appear to enter loads of information into their computer’s, but they have a large amount of windows open so there was only around 5 people in each queue. Once we collected our bags we went to get some money from the ATM. There are three inside the airport, by the baggage collection conveyor belts, but only the middle one worked for us. Currently £1 = 1611 Kyats. The ATM’s charge 5000 Kyats (£3.10) for money withdrawals but we didn’t have a choice, we needed to get into the city centre and you can’t get Kyat outside the country.
We stepped outside the airport and were greeted by men in skirts. The skirts are called a Longyi and are worn by both men and women alike. It turns out these men in Longyis were the taxi drivers offering to take us to the centre of Yangon. I did some research before hand and couldn’t find any information on a local bus to the city, there must be one but I couldn’t see one when I got there. We negotiated a taxi for 10000 Kyat (£6.25) to our hostel. We probably could have got it cheaper but had already knocked 5000 Kyat off the price. The traffic in Yangon is crazy so the 15km journey took over an hour, however we got dropped off right outside our hostel. The streets are numbered which makes it very easy not to get lost. Upon arrival at our hostel we were informed that the buses and accommodation was selling out fast around the country due to the Shwezigon Pagoda Festival. We hastily booked a bus to Bagan for the following day as we did not want to get stuck in Yangon, we will be heading back here at the end of our trip around Myanmar to apply for an Indian Visa.

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