2 Days in Gothenburg

In 2013 we booked a cheeky 2 day break to Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. We landed early Friday morning and returned late Saturday night, meaning I didn’t have to miss my Sunday morning football match!

Before we left I sorted transport on the Flygbussarna coaches: from Gothenburg City Airport to the Central Station, where the journeys are adapted to flight arrivals and departures. It is a 15km journey with a return journey to the airport costing £15 or a one way ticket costing £8.

Once arriving at Central Station we purchased a 3 day City Card, allowing us to travel on buses, trams, trains and archipelago boats by just showing the card to the driver. A one day ticket cost £6 and a 3 day ticket cost £12. This was o1234158_10153258963750456_1443864846_nur travel sorted.

The hotel we booked was 9 tram stops from the Central Station, not a bad commute to be honest. We checked in and had a look round the hotel. Now we hadn’t paid much for this at all but after taking a stroll into the garden there was a nice looking swimming pool. This made us laugh as we hadn’t even considered bringing swimming stuff, the average temperature in October being 9°.

The islands outside of Gothenburg make up one of Europe’s most beautiful archipelagos. They consist of around 10 000 granite islets and islands. We jumped on a tram across the whole city to the coast, free with our city card, then from there hopped on a ferry across to Kalvsund. This is a totally car free island with just a handful of bikes, and lots to explore! We visited a few other of the smaller islands on the way back, before catching a ferry back to the mainland and back to city life.
Riding a bicycle in Gothenburg is a great way to get around. There are over 600km of cycling routes with a great bike road network. In the city center you can rent a bike for free for 30 minutes via the Styr and Ställ system, very similar to the Boris Bikes in London! There are 60 bike station across the city and you can start using the bike as soon as you’ve activated your account, by following the instruction on the screen. You have to enter your debit/credit card before being able to rent a bike, as if you go over your allocated 30 minutes, you will be charges SEK 10 for the first 30 minutes, SEK 20 for the second 30 minutes, SEK 40 for the next 30 minutes and so on. If you wish to use your bike for longer then 30 minutes without being charged, you have to return your bike to a station and get a new one.

We went to a great Mini/Crazy golf course but looking around now I cannot find any information on this at all. It was the best course I’ve ever played on an1209334_10153258969935456_938222262_nd was a great laugh but it looks like it may have shut down. As you can see I was clearly great at this! If anyone knows otherwise please let me know! There is also a lovely rose garden where you can sit and drink coffee and eat cake! The museum is also well worth a visit if you have enough time.

All in all Gothenburg is a great city with a mixture of things to do from island hopping to boutique shopping and sitting in quirky little cafe’s. I would highly recommend it for a 2 day break or a long weekend, wrap up warm in the winter though!

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